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Buddypress shortcodes register

The following people have contributed to this plugin. View support forum. Donate to this plugin. Skip to content WordPress. Installation This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. Download the zip file and extract it. Where Do I Ask for support? Hi and thank you for this amazing tool, i was searching for a way to speak with you and ask toy for some help, i was not able to find this information no where, can you please tell me if your plugin will add or create a login shortcode for BPress Thanks to the plugin owner.

Easy to use shortcodes. Very easy to use, although I would like to remove the search and order by from the templates I'm sure I will make it Very happy with it. I did need to make sure I used a new Page and not one that BP pre-installed. Easy to use shortcodes for Listing Activity, Members Thanks. Contributors Varun Dubey Wbcom Designs. Interested in development?

Changelog 2. Meta Version: 2. Ratings See all. Log in to submit a review.This plugin provides BuddyPress registration form as a widget with many other configurable option.

Using this plugin the website administrator can disable member cover image, group cover image. Administrator can also allow the users to browse the website without the need for uploading a profile picture. Activity tab can also be removed from the user profile. The most important feature added is to allow the administrator use custom templates to display the registration form and it is done in such way that future plugin updates will not affect the customizations done.

Now, the registration form can also be displayed on any page using just a shortcode. Yes, you can show the registration form on any page using a shortcode. After copying you can do customization in the copied file and widget will use this customized template in frontend. Doing this will ensure that your changes will not be overwritten by future updates.

After copying you can do customization in the copied file and shortcode will use this customized template in frontend. Please see the screenshot for the available options. Please check screenshot for the option available. The following people have contributed to this plugin. View support forum. Skip to content WordPress.

Description This plugin provides BuddyPress registration form as a widget with many other configurable option. Details Display BuddyPress registration form as a widget. Option to disable group cover image. Screenshots screenshot-1 - Configurable options in backend. Installation The Plugin can be installed in two ways. The plugin does not modify any of your WordPress files.

Is there any plugin dependency to install this plugin? BuddyPress plugin should be installed to use this plugin. Does this plugin require any special permissions?We will see some examples in a minute. Before that, I will just like to clarify that you can use the combination of above options to list any type of activity you want. List all group activities Updated to allow load more for non filtered activity. Please do not use load more with filtered activity. Added option to allow showing activity post form.

Also, do not show the activity listing on site activity, user activity and group activity when user is logged in to the site. MediaPress Addons Documentation Support. BuddyPress Activity Shortcode. Here is a sample use example [activity-stream] That will list the most recent 5 activities. Use load more button for loading the activities in current context.

buddypress shortcodes register

It will filter the activity and list for the given roles only. We will see the use in a minute. It will include the default activity posting form. It is experimental and may have issues on some of the themes.

buddypress shortcodes register

Allows to change the class of the shortcode contents wrapper. Version: 1. Tested With: BuddyPress 3. Fix pagination. Fix posting to group without content. Tested With: BuddyPress 2. Added actions to allow adding extra content to the shortcode.

Added support for displaying activity for Logged In, Displayed user and post authors. Updated to include buddypress div as wrapper in theme compat mode. Tested With: BuddyPress 1. Updated to fix the issue with template compatibility. Now will work with any theme. Subscribe Join Our Newsletter. Follow Us buddydev. Facebook Twitter.These need to be activated as well. When a non-member tries to go on to a page that is for Members Only, they should be directed to this login page too.

Right now, everything is defaulting to the home page. Thank you…but where do I do this? In my Dashboard?

But never seemed to get that up and running. I suggest to you to read the codex to understand how bp works before hacking the core as a wild. Most likely you are logged into your site when you are trying that address. Also, if you want to do paid subscriptions you should really look at using the s2member plugin.

Anyone know how to solve? I was experiencing the same problem of being re-directed back to my Home Page.

BuddyPress Shortcodes

Once I did that…I was able to see my Register page for the very first time. Of course it took me all morning to resolve this issue. Gotta love it!!! Be Blessed!!! See also: WordPress. Thank you for any advice you can offer.

Register and Activation Pages

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 of 11 total. The Real Dave O. You also write, view also in your wp-config…what does that mean? Both paths that you gave up there goes directly to my Home Page…that is my problem. LPH Participant. Dennis Member. Steve Gordon Participant. Brosnan Participant. I had this problem. Solved it by disabling plugins one by one.

buddypress shortcodes register

Topic Tags login page register registration. Reply Search Search for:. Skip to toolbar WordPress.It has a lot of flexibility built in the shortcode. You can customize almost all aspects of the activity list, what should be listed, how many and everything using the shortcode. If you need any help, please ask on BuddyDev support forums. We are helpful people looking forward to assist you.

Please make sure to check the usage instructions on the BuddyPress Activity shortcode plugin page. This plugin, specially the posting functionality, is not compatible with BP Nouveau. Listing will work with minor regression. Add the shortcode [activity-stream ] in your post or page.

For detailed usage instruction, please visit plugin page on BuddyDev. Voir le forum de support. Aller au contenu WordPress. Features include: List all activities List activities for a user List activities for a group List activities of specific user role. Installation The plugin is simple to install: Download bp-activity-shortcode. The plugin works great with useful options like friends only activities, pagination, comments e.

For me this plugin fills a very specific need to show a general activity feed to all users as part of a more expanded page not Site Wide Activityand it works flawlessly. Excellent plugin which allows admins to be much more creative with their Buddypress front-end.

Contributeurs BuddyDev Brajesh Singh raviousprime. Journal Version 1.

Buddypress 2017 WordPress Tutorial - Build A Buddypress Social Network

Version 1. The follow scope now respects role.

buddypress shortcodes register

Thank you Shay for sponsoring it. Sponsored by Shay. It allows developers to add extra messages if needed. Notes Tout voir. Se connecter pour envoyer un avis.BP Profile Shortcodes is a fork of BuddyPress Profile Shortcodes, there were a number of bugs and deprecation notices affecting that plugin and it had not kept up to date with new BP features such as cover-images.

BP Profile Shortcodes Extra maintains the features introduced in the original plugin, it provides shortcodes to display the username, display name, profile url, avatar photo etc.

I also decided to add a similar set of features for groups, so now you can display links to group pages, the group avatar, cover image and header and also list the group members. Group lists support group memberships, groups created and groups administered by the user. BP Profile Shortcodes Extra fills a gap where site members need to display profile or group information in posts, more advanced users could use it as a basis to create custom dashboard pages for users, a single page can be created and added to the users navbar in order to fully integrate the shortcode functionality with existing BuddyPress pages.

I've been setting up and managing BuddyPress social networks for a few years. I moved from Ning and other platforms and have come to BuddyPress looking to make sites with similar features to them. You can also set the rejection message and an extra message for the registration page explaining the restriction. BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation is a plugin that allows site admin to be selective over who is able to create groups on their site.

Skip to comment form. This plugin is amazing. I am new to webpage design and I am having an issue with the style attribute in the shortcode. Is this possible via the shortcode style option? Could You suggest me on how to compile it? Thank You in advance. Would you be able to provide some detailed instructions or examples please?

I really appreciate your help. Hi Matt, thanks for giving the plugin a try. Each group has a number of fields also. I tested this and the shortcode works for me, I tested it with both the Base tab and another tab I created called More Info, I was able to select and display info from fields in both tabs.

Maybe as a first tst you should see if you can get the Name from Base? Please advise and thank you in advance!!! How many tabs do you have? After adding some shortcodes to the page, we get these errors see below. What went wrong? I can provide complete error info.

Not sure what to suggest. I love the plugin, and tried to comment something similar before so my apologies if it did go through and this is a duplicate. Any ideas? Hi Max, we are discussing it here and think the solution is to switch to Text mode in the editor when writing the shortcode.

Hi Kara, Sorry to hear you are having issues. Can I please email you. I like to find out cost to extend the capability of this plugin for my particular project. Or any other solution to achieve it? That would help me a lot. The problem I have is that I need users could see the list of members even if they do not belong to a private group. Thank you very much in advance, Greetings! Remember to update to the latest version for this.The ambition of this plugin is to provide all the shortcodes needed to create group and member profile dashboards using shortcodes.

This is an extremely powerful plugin with many shortcode options allowing you to display a range of aspects from member profiles and groups. It includes an button to insert the shortcodes into the Classic WordPress editor and a range of Gutenberg Blocks where appropriate. For the Block Editor support for shortcodes is either via blocks where appropriate or via the Classic block, from here you will see the BP Profile Shortcodes Extra dropdown menu to select the appropriate code.

Profile Header — A collection of cover image, avatar and username, with the username being a link to that members profile. Profile URL — shows the url, button or a link to user specific profile pages using the text of your choice. Profile Lists — Creates lists of users friends and groups and also lists of friend and group suggestions as well as general site member and group lists.

Profile Header — A collection of cover image, avatar and group name, with the group name being a link to that group homepage. Group Member list — shows either a collection of avatars or a list of members names, both are links to each members profile. Most of the shortcodes accept many parameters to allow the output to be customized and tailored to meet your needs.

There are now two different methods of displaying the users profile fields built into this shortcode:. Only works on single posts and pages. The following people have contributed to this plugin. View support forum. Donate to this plugin. Skip to content WordPress. Description The ambition of this plugin is to provide all the shortcodes needed to create group and member profile dashboards using shortcodes. Profile Shortcodes Displayname — As text or a link to the members profile page.

Username — As text or a link to the members profile page. Avatar or Profile Image — As an image or a link to the members profile homepage. Cover Image — As an image or a link to the members profile homepage. Profile Fields — You can display information from any of the profiles Xprofile fields.

Profile Edit Link — A link to the users edit profile page. Private Message Link — displays a link to private message this selected user. Cover Image — As an image or a link to the group homepage. Group Description — displays the group description.

Group Field — displays various fields used by eac group. This will only work on BP pages.



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