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Rabbit tv plus channel list

Trouble logging in? Simply enter your email address OR username in order to reset your password. For faster and more reliable delivery, add usersupport rabbittvgo. While we also include thousands of live and curated channels in our guide, it's important to know that the majority of TV shows in the Rabbit TV Plus library are available to watch on-demand not live.

This means you can watch episodes online after they've aired on cable, often times less than 24 hours from when they premiered, if not later that week. Just note that some networks and content providers will provide more in terms of full episodes, than others. Just click the "Watch" button to get taken to the TV show's main page, where you'll see a description of the show, as well as a section showing the Latest Free Episodes, if that particular show is available to watch online for free.

Just note that these channels often include compilations of TV show clips and not full episodes. Was this article helpful? Yes No. Thanks for your feedback How can this article be improved? Cancel Submit. Other Social Networks. Email Address.

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Cancel Send Reset Email. Remember Me. Forgot your password? Close Login. You must be logged in to perform this action.In a nutshell, Rabbit TV is an online streaming service that bands together all of the best free content available online.

You also get a free OTA antenna out of the deal. For a little bit more, you can also get a bundled subscription plan that includes of your favorite online streaming services; with all of your content streamlined into a single guide.

From there you can pick your favorite show or keep looking. To watch movies, all you have to do is click the Movies button at the top of the page. You can also watch movies on live television. To do that, just go back to the live television section and select the movie genre in the drop-down menu just spoke about.

Despite announcements to the contrary, thus far there is no Rabbit TV app for the Roku; which is a huge disappointment. For more on how to get your TV connected to Rabbit TV via computer, the company has a pretty helpful guide. Check it out. Have you ever used the Rabbit TV? What did you think about it? Is it a good option for those who cut the cord on cable TV? Let us know in the comments below or sound off on social media! Author Recent Posts.

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Rabbit TV promises a lot of TV for a little cash, but is it the real deal?

Recently I came across an interesting product called Rabbit TV get it here. You may have seen this as well. I decided to buy it and see if it could really deliver what was being promised. It also claimed to make available 25, free movies and 50, free radio stations. This is what the package looks like:.

It is supposed to work with both Mac and PC computers. Here they are:. Yes, that is literally the complete set of instructions.

I guess that means this product is pretty easy to use, right? As instructed, I plugged the device into an available USB port.

rabbit tv plus channel list

This is what displayed on the screen:. I clicked the Start button. That initiated a new tab being opened in my web browser. On that page, the opening screen gave me the option to choose either Windows or Mac.

As soon as I clicked Windows, it immediately downloaded a small file kb and instructed me to run the file and install it. That took me to a web page that asked me to complete registration information user name, password, name, address, email, phone and date of birth. I copied and pasted the Terms of Service into a blank Word document and it came out to 8 pages 2, words. They also get the right to sell or disclose your information to third parties who may also email you.

I had not noticed this earlier, but the back of the package says that my initial purchase of the device includes one year of service. After that, I was in to the actual content area. I have to say, I was surprised at what I found. There is a lot of stuff here. Popular Movies — S. FM, Pandora, MoshCam.There are a lot of devices being marketed to cord cutters today.

We have a wide range of options for OTT services, streaming boxes, and more. And the marketing strategies are nearly as diverse as the products. For instance, compare Apple's sleek Apple TV ads to… whatever this is. The infomercial-like quality of the commercial even had some wondering if Rabbit TV is a scam it's not. Here's the scoop on the service.

rabbit tv plus channel list

Rabbit TV doesn't have its own content, so it's not really a streaming service like Netflix. And the company has actually discontinued the little USB stick in the commercial up there, so you know it's not a streaming box either. So what is it? Essentially, Rabbit TV acts as a virtual streaming box: it organizes various existing streaming services into a single interface. It's a content aggregator, not a content provider. It takes free streaming content from across the web — grabbing episodes from CBS.

Users with subscriptions to services like Netflix and Hulu can also set up those within Rabbit TV's framework. All of this takes place on Rabbit TV's website, through your browser. It gives you a streaming box-style interface within your browser. It's worth noting that Rabbit TV caught its fair share of heat early on for that somewhat misleading commercial we included in the introduction. In fact, their current website still advertises the same thing.

As we saw above, this claim is only sort of true — those movies and TV shows are available through Rabbit TV's interface, but everything Rabbit TV gives you is already available for free elsewhere. As you can see from their new commercial above, Rabbit TV has cleaned up its act a bit.

It now calls its service Rabbit TV Plushas ditched the USB stick, and is a bit more clear about its purpose in its marketing materials. It still arguably implies that its content is its own, which is only sort of true, but that simplistic approach is probably designed in part to help Rabbit TV reach its target audience — which, as we'll see in the next section, you likely are not a part of.

If this whole setup seems a little odd to you, you're not alone. Cord cutters are a disproportionately young and tech-savvy group, and most of us know how to access this free content without relying on a service like Rabbit TV.

Most of us would choose to use a streaming box or a media center program like Plex or Kodi to fill this need. But Rabbit TV isn't really targeting the young, tech-savvy core of the cord cutter market.Eventually, the company cut the USB stick and rebranded as Rabbit TV Plusoffering service to anyone with a web browser assuming that web browser can run Flash.

But what exactly are you getting for your money? And, in fact, in our final section we outline some similar alternatives that may well outdo Rabbit TV Plus at its own game. In addition to aggregating content from various free streaming sources online, Rabbit TV Plus folds in movies and TV shows from Netflix and Hulu, assuming you have subscriptions to those services.

It will even fold in movies and TV shows from Netflix and Hulu, assuming you have a subscription to those services.

It was initially targeted at anyone on a PC or Mac — including those who barely know how to use them — to easily access streaming TV through simple selections. And since there is nothing to actually install, the simple register-and-log-in process makes it pretty simple. And more recently, Rabbit TV Plus has added even more ways to watch. Until relatively recently, Rabbit TV Plus was available on both iPhone and Android devices, though it required a third-party browser in order to function.

Now the app has disappeared from the App Store, leaving only the Android version. There are, of course, some notable caveats to consider. Since Rabbit TV Plus can only show movie content which is already free, the selection is less-than-enticing. To get a feel for what you can expect, go visit Crackle and have a look at what it offers. The cost is considerably higher than Rabbit TV Plus, but all of those services have options much cheaper than most cable packages.

How close are they? Notice any similarities? Pluto TV launched inand seems a lot like what Rabbit TV originally intended to offer: Various channels of content, most if not all of which can be found elsewhere on the internet, presented in a live TV format though on-demand movies are also available.

The major difference here is that Pluto TV is completely free, earning all its revenue from advertising instead of subscriptions. Both of the above services provide the same or similar functionality, and are either available on more devices or offer more flexible pricing or are free.

Then you have options like an antenna and OTA DVRor the ever-growing number of options for watching movies for free online.

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rabbit tv plus channel list

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Augmented-reality cable technicians are here to fix your internet 2 days ago.But their business model has changed in the last few years. Reviewers complain that the original Rabbit TV was full of false promises and hidden fees.

Read on for our Rabbit TV Plus review. You can get a day free trial, but only if you know where to look. Anyway, I signed up for the trial.

Doing so required forking over my credit card information, so I made a note to cancel before the 30 days were up. If you want to watch an NBC program, you click on the program name and get a list of episodes. The Rabbit TV Plus menu is solid but not spectacular.

There are also free movies, albeit not ones that are exclusive to the service. When I clicked to watch a title, I got taken to Crackle. All you need is an internet connection. Moving the slider to the left lets you view all content, including stuff that requires a subscription. What if you want free sports? I was confused at first and wondered if I had stumbled on some weird Old Football Games channel.

Then I noticed the YouTube logo in the corner of the screen. It looked like a live stream, and it was. I tried clicking on Bloomberg Newsbut that requires a subscription. The streaming quality is pretty middle-of the-road. I have to give credit where credit is due: Rabbit TV at least tries to make it easy to link your account to other devices.

You can also try to hook up your tablet or smartphone. Rabbit TV Plus offers a free day trial. However, there are still plenty of less-than-savory aspects to the service.

Rabbit TV Review

Paying for Rabbit TV Plus feels a bit like paying a delivery fee for pizza. Skip to content. All products and services are curated by our editorial staff. If you click on a link, we may earn a commission. Learn More We may earn a commission on link or button clicks. Learn More. Streaming Quality The streaming quality is pretty middle-of the-road. Platform I have to give credit where credit is due: Rabbit TV at least tries to make it easy to link your account to other devices.

Price Rabbit TV Plus offers a free day trial. Our goal at Cordcutting.



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